Choosing the Right IT Professional – Complaints (Part 3)

A Small Business Owners Guide

6 Common Complaints About IT Providers

I pay them all this money every month and they’re never here. One of the biggest money savers to IT providers is the “Managed Services” solution. This allows them to login to your systems remotely, fiddle around with things and you never know what’s been done or if anything has been done to earn their pay.

They never return my phone calls. There is just no excuse for failing to communicate you or taking days to receive a call back. You have needs today that need to be solved today, you shouldn’t be forced to wait forever.

They are unresponsive to my needs and will not listen. Most solutions providers will have a set list of things that they will do or won’t do. If your need falls just a little outside the box or requires the smallest amount of creative thinking, many of them will try to give you something that is just insufficient.

They don’t understand my needs. Unless your provider can sit down with you and speak with you about what makes your business work, what your end goal is and work with you to establish the best way to get there, fire them.

The tech guy is always over-complicating things. If your IT provider cannot communicate on your level to help you understand what is going on or what he’s doing, there’s absolutely no accountability; he could just be finding clever ways to steal your data, for all you know.

I can’t remember the last time we bought a recommended product that we actually got use out of. Many of these companies will bend over backwards to tell you about the coolest new thing or piece of tech out there, only for you to find out later that it was entirely unnecessary to your business and the goals you have in mind instead, trying to force you to pay for things you don’t need.

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