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Information Technology SERVICES. This is actually a logical break in the Managed Services discussion. In fact, I’d wager it’s one of the things most of the providers of said service leave out of the discussion: It’s a service.

When you think about a service, it’s something that accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc. provide you with, generally not physically tangible but very necessary. How necessary that is depends on your necessity or need of the service. If you have a horrible flesh eating disease, a doctor’s pretty high on your list of necessities. If you have nothing but problems with your computers, an IT guy is pretty high on your list.

Too often we get away from the fact that we’re providing a service that’s intended to benefit you and focus on selling a product. In one way or another we’re all certainly selling something, but at what point does it move away from serving our intended client and become about padding our own bottom line? If that’s the end goal, that’s pretty short sighted.

Instead of asking “How can I best fit everyone in the world into my solution?”, perhaps the question should be, “How can I best SERVE those small businesses in my community?”.

How can I best serve you? What difficulties are you facing today that I can help you solve? What’s keeping you up at night?

Managed services are a great tool and provide a high degree of peace of mind to just about anyone that uses them, but it’s not for everyone. People all have different needs and a different approach to business.

That’s why, on the bottom of all my invoices you see the line: “Thank you for allowing me to serve you!” If you’re one of my clients and reading this, I’m in this business to make your life better and if there’s ever a way to better serve you and improve your life – that’s the target of my business.

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