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Managed Anti-Virus

Managed anti-virus. This should be anti-malware… Over the last year, I’ve noticed a rather alarming trend: non-virus malware has become massively prevalent. Far more than the standard run-of-the-mill computer virus we all know and loathe.

You might notice these on your computer, things like Vosteran, Astromenda, etc. Not technically viruses, more browser hijacks, little agents that don’t go away. Technically I’d class them as something of a trojan horse/adware. And they’re far from harmless. For the most part, the free anti-virus software (AVG-Free, Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky, etc.) are about all on par with each other. They don’t really do much with this latest variety of malware, simply because they don’t fit the traditional definition of a virus.

I haven’t tested this theory on Vipre, which given it’s vaunted reputation, had better stop that. I know my old standard for non-obtrusive-yet-bulletproof Symantec Endpoint Protection let this slip by. Which is one of the reasons I began recommending the Managed Services Platform – Managed Anti-virus.

Some managed services platforms use a managed flavor of Vipre, some use a custom spin of BitDefender, some use Kaspersky clones. Regardless, they do an effective job of keeping you safe from these intrusive visitors. Now, I say these aren’t viruses, and that’s technically true, but their affect on your workplace is arguably the same – lost productivity, annoyed employees (or annoyed boss), lost revenue, expensive IT bill. And this could have been avoided.

I once had a conversation with a CPA that left this imprint on my mind: lost productivity, lost efficiency at the production level has an exponential effect on the bottom line. What’s the relatively minimal cost of managed anti-malware protection worth when not having it might mean a few thousand per month in lost revenue? All the elements of managed services really do play together to give you a boost in bottom line potential and revenue.


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