The Pros and Cons of VoIP

VoIP which is a short phrase for Voice over Internet Protocol, is also known as broadband phone. It is called as broadband phone because it needs broadband internet connection either to receive or make a call. This is the technology which allows your conversation into digital signal which is converted over the internet and then to voice after when it reaches the final destination.

The most important advantage of VoIP is reduction in cost. Since it is a voice over internet, it is considered as data service and you will be exempted from the fees of long distance. This is the reason many VoIp service provider offer low rates for long distance and internationals calls.

Extra services like caller ID, call waiting, conference calls are also offered by some VoIp providers if you are ready to pay extra cost for it. You can also choose a virtual phone number with an area code different from yours with some broadband phone providers. For instance, if you live in NY and your relatives or friends live in Ohio. You can choose a virtual number for Ohio. When they call you from Ohio, they will not be charged for long distance calls.

Along with these advantages, there are some disadvantages as well from VoIP phone services, VoIP phones depend on the quality of your internet service, if you have good internet then the quality of calls will also be very good, if not then you will notice a bad quality calls. And for VoIP phones services, you need a broadband internet and dial up will not work in this case.

If you are out of power, then VoIP phone will not work for you, or if your internet service is down then it will not work again. It is always safe to have second phone line in case of emergencies.

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