NetMeeting – The Business Travel Replacement

NetMeeting is becoming the default for business conferencing in recent years. Initially, some may have considered netmeeting just another web tool. It has grown far beyond that, as web meetings companies are constantly trying to improve on their offerings.

The recent recession may have been a boon for real-time collaboration providers. Some provider may be uncomfortable agreeing with this. The reality is, poor economic conditions provide increase opportunities for great products, especially those that help reduce costs. For others, using a web conferencing solution is simply an idea whose time has come.

Diving into the Current Web Conferencing Trend

A company’s decision to use a web conference solution can be looked at in the context of the current economic climate. This does not tell the whole story, however. Today’s current crop of web conference systems simply allow owners to do so much more than they used to. As providers continue to sharpen their focus, new features are being added, which appeal to business of all sizes. The Run as Admin feature of RHUB Communication’s TurboMeeting is one such example. All of this helps to explain the results of a recent survey done by the Association of Corporate Travel Executives. Among the survey’s findings were that:
· 55 percent said that in an effort to cut travel cost they would be seeking alternatives
· Over 40 percent of those surveyed said that traveling for sales by their companies would be slashed in favor of using webcasting software in the near future.

While this reduction in travel may be seen as a negative for the travel industry, it should be looked at in broader terms. It would seem that the economic downturn was just the nudge that was needed to examine the way money was spent. The money saved by the use of an application sharing solution can mean bigger profits and more jobs in the future. The downturn in business travel could be mitigated by an increase in leisure travel. Cutting costs is important for business survival, and anyone would be hard pressed to find a better option than web based conferencing.

video conferencing services to be “usually effective” in getting things done. This may seem to contradict the growing acceptance of web conferencing, but it merely shows that there is more work to be done. This is especially true when it comes to making individuals more at ease with the technology. Any web conference system is able to connect two or more parties. Only the best ones will offer the ease of use and the productivity enhancing features which will make their deployment a success.

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