HIPAA Compliant Secure Online Backup

Just imagine what would happen if you lose all your valuable digital business data files. Your business could go under. You should not allow your company and your clients to be vulnerable to such a risk. You can actually save your business proactively by using HIPAA compliant secure offsite data files storage and automatic remote data files backup.

Your business should never be treated like a mere hobby. In like manner, your digital business data files should never be treated just like ordinary home digital files. The most common way of backing up home digital files is by making a backup in the same personal computer, making a backup in another computer or notebook, making a backup on a CD or DVD disk, or printing out a hard copy that is filed in a folder somewhere. All these are done manually. All these are also not enough to protect you from digital data loss.

First of all, manual files backup is a tedious process especially when you have a lot of files to back up. It can take a lot of time and effort. People assigned to do it may also forget to do it regularly. It is, therefore, vulnerable to human error. Furthermore, the backup files are not totally secure. The backup in the same computer is useless if the hard drive crashes or if the computer gets attacked by a virus. The backup in a separate computer may fall prey to the same danger. If placed in a laptop, notebook or netbook, it is vulnerable to theft, as well. Even if placed in a CD or DVD or is printed out, the disk or printout is most probably strored in the same site as the source computer. In case of fire, water damage or any natural or man made disaster, therefore, the backup will be destroyed along with the original files.

To avoid all the pitfalls of manual files backup for your digital business data files, you should avail of the highest possible protection from HIPAA compliant secure offsite data files storage and automatic remote data files backup. Its special software can very easily be installed in your company servers, company work stations, personal computers, laptops and notebooks. All your files can then be backed up in an automatic error-free process. Each of your users can specify exactly which files are to be backed up automatically, how frequent the backup is done and when it is done. The minimum frequency recommended is once a day and the best time for this would be after the regular working hours.

When backing up your digital business data files, the software sends the data online through a secure 128-bit encryption file transfer to an equally secure remote location offsite. Both of these are completely HIPAA compliant in security and privacy features. The remote data storage center is constructed to resist both natural and man made disasters. It is provided with uninterrupted power supply by heavy duty generators with adequate backups, equipped with biometric locks and protected by professional security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The package you choose will determine the amount of data you can send to the remote data storage center. This can easily be upgraded depending on your business needs. You can gain access to your stored digital business data files any time, day or night, from any location around the world that has an internet connection. All you need is your secure password.

HIPAA compliant secure offsite data files storage and automatic remote data files backup can save your business if you allow it to. Take advantage of its complete digital data protection capabilities. In this technologically advanced age, your business cannot afford to do without it.

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