A Head in the Cloud – Productivity (Part 3)

For word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and the like, most people in this country use Microsoft Office. Which typically means storing the documents on your computer, paying $300+ per computer in licensing fees every few years and dealing with periodic, problematic updates and speed issues with your computer, which DOES have a shelf life. Which we’ll cover in another post.

Now though, those inventive folks at Google appear to have done it again, with Google Docs. For the basic version of Google Apps, which as we said earlier, is free, you can store up to 7 GB worth of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and anything else that strikes your fancy, online AND be able to edit it right there.

Microsoft has also rolled out it’s version of cloud-based document storage and editing, called SkyDrive (as shamelessly plugged on TV) and Office Web Apps. Now, while Google Apps does offer the same basic spreadsheet and presentation functionality, Office Web Apps is way more advanced in both of those categories. Whether you need that advanced functionality or not, is something to determine for yourself. Personally, I find I don’t really need gee-wiz charts embedded into my spreadsheets and I really don’t do a whole lot with presentations in the first place, so it really does depend on your level of need.

Stop back on Wednesday for the next part!

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