A Head in the Cloud – Mobile Devices (Part 7)

The advent of smart phones and tablets has been a rise, nearly on pace with that of the “Cloud”. This cloud concept has made data highly available and convenient for the end user to have on the go. If I were to think about just a few years ago, if I wanted to do anything, I’d have to be where that particular computer was. For the most part, now I can reach for my iPhone and make due. Or my iPad and I’m really good. I post some of these blog entries using my iPad, I can do my accounting on either my phone or tablet. That’s really how good it’s gotten.

The thought that Blackberry and SMS messaging are the height of collaboration and sharing ideas is complete and total crap. Blackberry was cutting edge back in its day and some people still swear by the things. But try to hold a web conference on one, try editing a document with those stupid little keys. Never mind the document storage, or actual useful collaboration features, you’d have to be a monkey. A monkey with Aspergers to do anything useful in today’s world with that. And I won’t even get into the Blackberry Enterprise Server to host all that luxury and convenience.

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