A Head in the Cloud – Conclusions (Part 10)

Now that you know that the cloud is essentially an internet-based network of computers sharing resources, the thought of making use of some of those resources shouldn’t be quite so daunting. On the contrary, you should feel excited about your new found door to efficiency and peace of mind. Many of these services take advantage of the large user base and are therefore less expensive. Sometimes even free.

It should be said, however; at this time, it’s not for everyone. For the large majority of small business, basing many of your business resources in the cloud makes sense, but some solutions aren’t there yet. Specialized applications like running CAD software or using Dropbox to sync all your Netflix movies to 7 different computers won’t really work that well. But for the majority of the cloud solutions, every business can and does (usually to some extent) take advantage of that. Don’t let years of corporate brainwashing bureaucracy hold you back. Be efficient, take advantage of this down economy to shed cumbersome IT costs and make yourself as bullet-proof as you can.

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