A Head in the Cloud – Back Up (Part 6)

It used to be, back when you still thought servers were the way to go (you don’t anymore right?), backups were typically done by tape drive, external hard drive or backup server (with a tape drive or external hard drive). And the fantastic price you’d have to pay for all this would be in the $10k+ range. Just to maintain the status quo.

Now that we have the cloud though, things are a bit different. You can take your local server (or preferrably, workstations) and have that data backed up to off-site and local backups for far less than the cost of the old tapes themselves. If you’re taking my thoughts from the previous sections seriously, then the actual need for any backup solution is unbelivably small. To the point of now, you’re talking about how many backup redundancies you want, not “Does the one I have actually work?”.

The real benefit here being, when that crash happens, as it likely will someday; you’re making that long trip over to where your laptop is. Maybe running to OfficeMax for another computer. And you’re going again. OR you could be out $10,000 and wishing to heck those tapes actually worked. That’s really how simple your choice is now. If you’re IT guy tells you differently, he’s not helping you at all, he thinks of you as an ATM.

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